True Gentleman (2010)

I am an eloquent expressive man, of fortitude and creativity
With an elephant cock, bad attitude and hyper-sexuality

I am a lover; as Eros – I taste of the sinner
Offering three minute sex; then a McDonald’s dinner


Depression, part II (2012)

It’s a self replicating virus and once it’s inside us..,
It becomes the unstoppable force

Gotta seal up the spaces, even the loving places..,
The only way to halt its course.

And once you are completely sealed – with nothing of yourself revealed..,
You’ll believe you averted disaster.

There’s no irony quite so great, that once you’ve stopped this certain fate..,
You’ve already made him your master

Depression, part I (2008)

I’m pressed down by a big weight
Situations I couldn’t anticipate
Equations of violence, in silence;
Magnified in feelings of hate

Leading to one thing only:
Living life as the lonely
In unlit rooms; like baron wombs
Where the prayers are unholy

And in its manifestation
It perfects its own formation.
Self creating; like blind men painting
but malevolent in sensation

untitled (2008)

And so the Earth still turns
The rain still comes, the Sun still burns

Seasons passed in just one breath…

But then the Earth stood still
The seas dried up, the winds gave chill

Winter stayed and I saw death…

And on the Earth alone
I walk across and have no home

The weather always stays the same…

I drain her of her last resource
Walk in hope and hold my course

But now I’ve lost the rain…

And Earth is now no more
too late to change new nature’s law

Seasons don’t rotate…

And now that man has passed
A root has gone and grown at last

Man is far too late

For man is gone and gone for good
The way the Earth knew that he would

Skies turn blue again

Earth she breathes, freed from pain
To feed herself and not feed men

And now… she brings the rain

Sleep (2008)

Am I so still to try and prove
My mind is ill; shall never move?
Inertia creeps and overpowers
I shall not fight her sleepless hours.

My eyes are wide, yet do not see
No senses make much sense to me
And all that sense that I possessed
Gave up when I gave in to rest

With night and darkness now to fall
The shadows fail to do their all
And dreams escape the deepest night
But may return at morning light

For night is not my time to sleep –
Inertia mine and mine to keep

About my work

I’ve been writing since childhood.  Well; I say “since” but what I mean is inconsistently as I’m sure many of us also have.  My work on these pages are bits and pieces from over the years, previously online under a different pseudonym.  I’m still finding my rhythm and style…