True Fly (White Guy) 2009

I passed him by, (a young white guy – acting fly)
Blue bandana (under his cap), telling guys he’s ready to die
Middle class genetics and hallucinagenics (bad mix)
Listens to hip hop – says “I get it” (pathetic) – wants to play gangster tricks

Walked with a limp on his right side (the wrong side), slight bounce
Half a blunt in his mouth (badly rolled), bragging he can smoke an ounce
Never coughed up more than a gram, since leaving his pram (nobody knows)
Another Bill Clinton, sucks in (doesn’t inhale), then he blows.

(Finally) One night, carying his water pistol (in his pants)
Exposes the handle (looking gangster) and takes his Alpha Dog stance
Staring down his rival (geek with glasses) who took his “bitch”
Approaches him – squares up and gets the (trigger finger) itch

One bluff too many for young (and fly) white boy though
Geeky Glasses doesn’t take shit (but gangster doesn’t know)
Underneath the English books, he holds a blade (a bowie knife)
Always did (who would have thought?), Geek ready to defend his life

Geek throws down his hardbacks and flashes his blade
Blue Bandana boy (turns yellow), eyes kinda wide – staring – afraid
Middle class instinct kicks in – (not quite ready to die)
Geek walks on (like a real man should) – Pretty fly (for a white guy).