For Those Not Coming Home (2013)

Awaken, if you will, to the glory of the rising Sun
That star, as through all of life, it rose upon us all
From days of fear, loss and childhood fun
Through winter, spring, summer, fall…


Give thanks, that you may have any memory
For it is yours alone, a gift of divine grace
Let your heart forgive.., even your enemy
For what will you gain now, in saving face?


See the colours of the fields, even under grey skies
Hear the birds sing, through the rolling thunder
See the moon’s majesty with wide open eyes
And be amazed at the universe we stand under


Sleep my friend, and become a part of your dream
You held the entire world, in just a single day
Drift into the ocean from your well travelled stream
Rest your mind in comfort, wherever you might lay.


Childhood Years (2012)

See how quick we passed them by
Traveling fast; we had no brakes
So long since our first lullaby
Turned into gambling with high stakes

But as we grew and we declared
“We hate these years; we hate them bad”
Then as we left them, we grew scared
Those years were all we ever had

For all the pains and things we learned
Came at a cost, came at a price
And how our hearts they truly burned –
We wish we could have lived them twice